American Atelier, inc.

We Are Committed to Excellence

Our capabilities include: intricate designs, turnings, carvings, special finishes in standard and exotic woods, custom veneer inlays and metal trims. AAI believes custom does not have to mean slow turnaround, nor does a fast production time have to equal poor quality. We are committed to providing quick turnaround times without jeopardizing our quality standards. Our engineering department provides prompt completion of CAD drawings to the designers’ specifications. Our production turnaround is approximately 9-12 weeks. It is these standards that keep AAI ahead of our competition, and these standards that keep our clients ahead of the pack.

Custom Department

Our custom department is staffed by experienced cabinet makers to provide both model rooms and prototypes. Delivery of a typical model room requires approximately 4-6 weeks. Production orders will begin shipping 9-10 weeks after receipt of approved drawings and deposit.

Just In Time Deliveries (J.I.T.)

A production schedule for each order is developed for timely deliveries to meet installation schedules.

AAI can load trucks according to floor, room type, and product type, per your installation schedule.

Unless specified, deliveries are blanket wrapped and sent directly to the site to avoid damage, double handling, and minimize installation cost.

Furniture Technicians

Our Engineering Department determines the best construction methods and materials for production. AAI uses CAD drawings to program our computerized CNC equipment.


AAI offers a limited warranty covering any manufacturing defect for a period of three years from the date of purchase.

Due to the natural characteristics of wood there may be a variation of grain and color. Wood solids and wood veneers may experience shrinkage and expand due to humidity and temperature change. These are normal characteristics of wood and are not covered under the warranty.

Our factory warranty on metal, hardware, laminates, stone, solid surface, and other raw materials which are supplied to AAI, are covered under our manufacturing warranty. These materials will be warranted against manufacturing defects under normal wear and tear.

AAI follows design, product specifications, and CAD drawings. Any defects or failures due to approved design specifications, cannot be covered under the factory warranty.

A product claim will be inspected and evaluated by American Atelier, Inc. and determined if the product was subject to normal wear and tear. Any damaged products due to abnormal use or abuse, will not be covered under this warranty. Any products which are damaged beyond repair are also excluded from this warranty.

A defective product must be available for return to the factory in order to review a claim. Any defective product will be repaired and returned expeditiously.